red light district in Barcelona and the red light areas in Barcelona

The Red Light District In Barcelona

A friend of mine told me that the red light district in Barcelona are the best places to be. However, after a couple of researches, I came to find out that it’s the best to be but not to be with your family as a fun tour. The Ramblas turns into red light at night and it’s a place to find the best hookers. They are on every street. I also took time to research whether it’s the whole area that has this but only to later understand that it’s a part of it. However, In Barcelona, you will find Prostitutes in almost every corner of the city at night.

I believe that in every big city, there are several things to admire and others to get Goosebumps about. Here, there are several things that every tourist would come to see. With good shops, buildings and a couple of tourists attractions, this place would seem as your first alternative when you want to visit but there are several places that you should know especially the ones known as the red light districts of some cities.

In Barcelona, there are such places and they are very popular. Though, you should know that there isn’t only one place where sexual entertainment is being served. In this city, La Ramblas is the first landmark that every tourist will identify. It is the central place which cuts through the heart of the city. This district can be divided into seedy and non-seedy areas. The only difference between the two becomes visible during the night when the southernmost end of the city becomes somehow of red-light district. This area is frequented by night prostitutes.

In Barcelona, there’s not even a single place where all the prostitution services are concentrated. What this means is that you will find different services at different places. Each of the below areas is specialized in some type or the other. It is up to you to visit where your services are offered at each point in time or you can find plenty of strip clubs in Barcelona if that is what you want.

El Raval – This is a good place to pick a prostitute and get any sex service you want. It doesn’t cost you a lot of time or money.

Sants and Entenca – For those who are visiting the city in search of sex, this is another very rich place to cast your nets.

Sant Marti – There is very many street prostitutes in this area. If you need to catch any girl for sex, then this is a very good place to set your traps. It won’t take you a long time to get one. The prices are also very affordable.

The Camp Nou Area – This is another red light area in Barcelona. This place is very busy in matters concerning football and hence you can be sure girls will be all over you.

Why People Visit Las Ramblas

There are several reasons why you will hear many people visiting this place. Some of them are very obvious but others are quite personal.

Streets never sleep – This is one of the reasons why you will find everyone getting to Las Ramblas and several other red light districts of Barcelona.

Everything is available – The other thing is that you can find almost everything in this streets. You can get the bad and the good. If you want to have a good time with a hooker or even if you want drugs, Las Ramblas and other red light district in Barcelona has something for you.

Nearest attractions – The other thing is that Las Ramblas is close to almost all the best tourist attractions of Barcelona. It’s a good place to stay if you want to have access to almost all the best attractions.

There are several amazing shopping opportunities. There are very many shopping and several other places to visit in Las Ramblas.

Sex tours are accomplished here – There are several areas where you can satisfy your sex desires in most of these red right areas. If you are traveling to have a good sex, this is the first place that you should think about.

People who comes to celebrate stag parties also comes to this part of the city, but I have to tell you if you are in search of a strip bar or something like that for a stag party in Barcelona you should probably find it in other part. This type of venues are in other districts of the city.


If you would like to visit Las Ramblas, then you first of all have to know several landmarks and the real location. This red light district Ramblas street is 1.2 Kilometers long approximately with port Vell on the southern side and Placa de Catalunya at the northern side. You can take a Taxi from El Prat Airport, it can only cost you 35.00 Euros by Taxi. Although the fare may vary slightly from here, it will not be far beyond this amount.

The other thing to note is that if you go to Barcelona Cruise Terminals, you will have an additional Taxi Supplements to pay on top of the airport supplement. It’s the amount you will pay for drop at the cruise terminal.

There are also several places where you can get accommodation. If you are one of those tourists who like sleeping where the locals sleep and also taking breakfast and meals where they do, then you will have a lot to do here. There are some of the people who claim that this place doesn’t have a lot of tourist attraction but the fact is that it all depends on what you are doing and your personal preferences.

In this brief, I am going to discuss five things that you should know about this place before you pack your way here.

Be careful

Las Ramblas in Barcelona is a very a famous place and you are likely to find hundreds of tourists streaming during the day and even night enjoying the activities around here. However, there is another group of individuals who are attracted in this place for a whole different reason. Some of them want to take advantage of the tourists. For this reason, you should be very careful.

Although there are no major insecurity cases in Las Ramblas, there are reported minor cases of pick pocketing, robbery and scam artists. If you are not careful, then you will end up losing your phone, money and even important documents. There are several safety documentations that can help you in this case. Additionally, you should do the following.

Avoid traveling in secluded areas alone.

Take time and get a cab every time you are traveling for a long distance.

Ensure that the cab you take has only one driver.

Always walk in open places.

Don’t walk at night or even when drunk.

Are these red light districts safe?

The fact is that people are usually robbed on Las Ramblas. There are several cases that are reported on daily basis concerning the same. For this reason, if you really care about security, then you should avoid these places. That is the reason why I usually advocate for lone tourist. You don’t have to carry your entire family here. There are several cases that you can deal with but your children cannot be able to take.

Although we are talking about insecurity, we are not talking about serious cases of killings and violent muggings but just pick pocketing. If you are not careful, you may end up losing a lot of money. Don’t let fear spoil your trip you are just supposed to be careful and extra vigilant.

Adult Locations

This city can offer almost everything you want. You can witness high standing sex and escort services in Barcelona for your own enjoyment. You can choose to pick a prostitute from Las Ramblas or even spend a good time with a high end escort. In this beautiful city, it’s all up to you. However, you should be able to determine places where you can visit with your family and where you don’t have to take your children especially at night. Barcelona red light district is not a very appealing place to take your wife. It sounds funny but really true. Adult clubs you can find in the city almost in every neighbourhood with a little search on Google you can find a couple friendly club or strip clubs for couples in Barcelona, in case you want to do something different with your wife or girlfriend.

Metro stops

Ramblas is serviced by three metro-stops which makes it a superb transport center to seek the rest of the city. You can find the Drassanes in the southernmost end near the Christopher Columbus memorial.

In the Midway, you will have a good time locating Metro Stop Liceu along Barcelona Las Ramblas. It is located just near the Liceu theatre. On the other side-the northernmost end of Barcelona’s Ramblas, you will see the Metro Stop Catalunya. It is serviced by the Metro on both the Redline and the Green line. At this point, you can catch the Aerobus and if you want to get the best tour, fetch the Barcelona Tour Bus. You will have a chance to get around 3 circuits-the best tourist attractions in the area. I bet this is the main reason why you are here and hence you should ensure that you have a closer look at all the tourist attractions in the area.

Tourist attractions along the red light district

There are several tourist attractions along Ramblas. You will have a good time in the area enjoying Human statues, performances and artists that will draw your portraits at affordable prices. There are several Museums including Erotica Museum. There are also several things to do including attending performances and sightseeing. Visit Christopher Columbus Monument and Modernist Boqueria Market are just a few to name.

This place is very famous for street performances including human statues. The miro circular tie mosaic is found close to Liceu Metro and the Liceu theater.

You can as well be shopping around

Ramblas has a couple of restaurants and shops along its length. However, you should be ready for elevated prices. The reason behind this is because there is a flux of visitors and the popularity of the place. There are several places where you can enjoy a nights long out. If you are visiting this place for the first time, then you shouldn’t miss a night out in this area. There are several places where you can go for drinks with friends or even with your spouse. There are several clubs in this area offering alcohol, brothels and stripping.

Brothels in Barcelona and the red light district in Barcelona

Brothels In The Red Light District In Barcelona

Although brothels have been illegal in Spain since 1956, these red light places in Barcelona have something different from this. Here, you will find a couple of women at work and offering sex for money. It is a clear place where you can go for sexual tourism. Some of these red light district areas are set aside for regulated prostitution and for this reason they are safe for these services. Although some red light areas are under camera surveillance, here in Barcelona it’s different. Some of the top brothels in Barcelona are: Felina, La Suite, Divas at Arribau 229, Top Damas and La Vie En Rose. Also some of the luxury strip bars in the city works as brothels too, like these ones: Bacarra Club, Darling Club, Beach Club, VIP Zone, they have private areas or rooms for their clients. Besides of the pole dance sessions and erotic dance you can watch there you can also have lap dances and private dances, or you can take a girl for sex to a room.


Although there are several accommodation services here, you must be prepared for the noise. The place can be busy sometimes up to 3 AM and hence you should be ready for disturbances till this late. It’s not a very comfortable place to sit down especially if you want to relax but it’s good for those people who don’t care about noise. In this zone are a lot of bars, pubs, clubs and discos so people stay till late and goes in and out from this venues, some of them comes to celebrate a bachelor party in Barcelona.

There are several large hotels in Las Ramblas with direct access to all service including accommodation. You can choose from the ones along the streets. Some of the most famous hotels includes Novotel Hotel, Royal Hotel, Le Meridien Hotel and Silken Ramblas Hotel. These hotels are either in at the center of this red light district in Barcelona or just few minutes’ walk from the area. The ones at the core of the district, you should be prepared for the noise. Staying in a hotel just in the area also has an advantage. You will not have to incur additional costs for transport. You will be at the heart of red light district and you can continue with your activities till late in the day knowing that you are safe.

Street hookers

In Las Ramblas, you can be sure that whether you are walking in the town during the day or night, at least three streetwalkers will grab your hand asking if you need sexual services. That is the reason why am convinced that the best pace to pick up a prostitute in Barcelona is this red light district. There are also women from different races offering the service. Whether you want a Black African, Americans, Caucasian and Latin, it will be up to you. Most of these girls come from the poor parts of the world including Romania, Ukraine and Nigeria. You will get paid sex without any hustle if you need the services. Walking in the streets of Las Ramblas is an open gate through for this service. Women will be all over you asking you if you needed sex. Price for sexual services range from 25 Euros to 50 Euros. You can even choose to be with someone overnight. It can just cost you 150 Euros or less.

What else can you do in Las Ramblas?

Rambla de Caputxins

This is the place where you can find the Liceu. If you want a good time, then you can have it here. Take your family or even come here to jog as a couple.

Rambla de Catalunya

This is one of the places near Las Ramblas that majority of the tourists forget. Although this place doesn’t resemble the magnificent that people would really like, but there’s a lot that you can do here. There are lots of good café and shops where you can just walk as you shop around.

Rambla de Sant Josep

There are very many flower stalls here, that’s the reason why this area is also known as Rambla de les Flors. If you decided to come with your children, then this is the best place to take them. There are a lot of amazing things that they will love here. The best is the pet stalls in the street including Baby Rabbits.

Rambla Santa Monica

This is the place of Ramblas that leads down to the port. If you want to visit museums, Maritim Museum is on your right place while you are walking down the street. Christopher Columbus or Colom is just in front of you towards the end of the street. It is a good place to view the whole street while you are walking down. You can just take your family here.

Rambla de Canaletes

If you want to get a view of what this area offers, then you should visit the west of Rambla de Canaletes. There are several shops, bars and cafes here where you can have a rest after a busy day in Las Ramblas. It is also one of the best places where you can settle to shop and even for accommodation.

Rambla de Mar

This place is slightly out of the town but it’s a good place to visit too. You can as well take your parents and children here to have a nice time together. There’s little to do but a lot to see. Check it and get a companion while walking down the streets.

The bottom line

During your trip, It is absolutely necessary to visit any of the red light districts in Barcelona but I would highly recommend Las Ramblas. It is a very beautiful place full of activities to get you involved into. This place appeals to both the locals and the tourists. However, this place sometimes especially during festive seasons gets a bad reputation for being so touristic but the fact is that regardless of the time of the year you visit it, you will have a lot to see and more to do here.